BOOK by Melis Aker and Tatiana Pandiani

MUSIC by Jacinta Clusellas

LYRICS by Jacinta Clusellas, Tatiana Pandiani and Melis Aker

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In an epic world of magic realism, Blue Bird, an ambitious poet, leaves her homeland behind for an adventure in a new land. In present-day NYC, Rita, a composer, struggles to write her debut album about a motherland she has never known. AZUL weaves together these two distinct worlds to explore how memory and imagination shape immigrant identity and mental health. Driven by a constellation of songs rooted in Latin American folklore, AZUL is a bilingual musical about loss, and what it means to step back in order to move forward.

The first act follows Blue Bird, an outsider in her hometown. When her parents force her to stop writing, she leaves her life behind to journey
towards a “new world.” Her hopes of being a poet are destroyed when she realizes that in the “new world,” she must face not only the obstacles of an artist, but also those of an immigrant, which escalate when Blue Bird discovers she is pregnant.

Set in present-day NYC, the second act follows Rita, a composer who just landed her biggest gig yet: a debut album with a major record label.
When she is asked to make her work more "authentic" and personal, Rita uncovers a family secret that debunks the stories her father told her as a child. Rita must now reimagine the story of her parents, her artistry, and herself.

AZUL is a spectacle in the legacy of American musicals, as well as a psychological deep-dive into an immigrant family story.


* NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre, Recipient. (2022, New York, NY)

* Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, full cast workshop (2022, Connecticut)

* Johnny Mercer Foundation, Writers Grove at Goodspeed Musicals (postponed)

* NAMT 33rd Annual Festival of New Musicals - 2021, New York, NY

* National Music Theatre Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center - Summer 2020 

* Catwalk Institute - 2020 and 2021 Catskill, NY

* Musical Theatre Factory - 2020, New York, NY *postponed due to COVID-19, to be rescheduled
* Dramatist Guild Fellowship - 2019, New York, NY
* Tofte Lake Center Residency - 2019, Ely, MN
* Westben Performer - Composer Artist Residency - 2019, Campbellford, Canada
* Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts Residency - 2018, Saratoga, WY
* BRIC Lab - 2018, Brooklyn, NY
* New York Theatre Workshop 2050 Fellowship Project - 2017, New York, NY
* The Drama League First Draft Residency - 2017, New York, NY
* The Habitat Directors’ Playground Workshop - 2016 - 2017, Brooklyn, NY

Upcoming: Full Cast EP ~ Find out more HERE! 


Graphics by Azul Aguamarina

*To access more materials, including our script and demos please email me at jacintaclusellas@gmail.com